Great Reasons To Plan an Outdoor Event This Summer

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With National Gardening Week taking place on Monday 29 April - Sunday 5 May 2019 and high temperatures forecast over the coming days, it got us thinking about spending time outdoors, so we thought we'd share some great reasons to plan an outdoor event this summer.


Outdoor event benefits

Sunlight improves mood

Sunshine makes people feel happy. As well as getting a much needed top up of vitamin D it can also help to lower the blood pressure and even fight depression and anxiety. There’s something about being warm in the sunshine that makes us feel happy and relaxed and you can make the most of the natural mood-enhancing benefits of sunshine by staging your event outdoors this summer.


To find out more about how being outdoors improves mood, take a look at A Prescription For Better Health published Harvard Medical School.


Up the feel good factor

It's a fact that humans now spend more time indoors and are more disconnected than ever from green spaces and the natural environment. Whilst you might be constrained by having to use an urban location for your event, there's no reason why you can't bring people that bit closer to nature, even if your venue is a roof terrace in the middle of the city!


Start by thinking about your colour palette. Fresh and earthy tones work well, as do vibrant colours like bright pink and zesty orange and think about bringing little touches of the natural world to your event. If you're in a rural location this will be easy as nature will be all around you, but in an urban setting this can mean you'll need to get a bit more creative.


If you're in a city centre outdoor venue then you can do this by using printed backdrops with floral or tree prints (companies like Barrisol Welch do some amazing bespoke printed wall coverings), or hire potted plants like topiary bushes and use relaxed seating to create a chilled out vibe, all of which will help people generally feel happier and more relaxed - the perfect ingredients for a successful event!


Furniture hire for outdoor events

If you're on the lookout for furniture and accessories for your outdoor event this summer, then look no further! We have a great range of outdoor furniture available to hire for events including outdoor seating and outdoor tables and if you're looking for inspiration, why not take a look at our 7 tips for spectacular summer events.


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