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When it comes to employee comfort the first consideration should always be to choose comfortable, supportive seating, but your choice of desk can also have a big impact on comfort and even productivity levels. We've been hiring office furniture to businesses for many years and over this time we've seen a vast array of office desks pass through our showroom.

From basic desks with no bells and whistles to the very latest in electronic sit/stand desks we've seen them all, so we thought we'd put together a handy guide aimed at helping you choose the right office desk. Read on for our tips.


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On the face of it you might think that all you need to do is a choose a desk that fits with your budget and the visual style you want to achieve, but choosing a desk is actually more complex than you might think, particularly when you start to take into account different factors, so we've laid out below some of the things you'll need to consider when choosing office desks.


1. Employee Comfort


Whilst choosing an office chair is definitely the most important factor to consider in terms of employee comfort, different desks too will provide different levels of comfort. Very tall or short employees for example may find a desk that's height adjustable much more comfortable to sit at all day, whilst a generously sized office desk will help to ensure the work area isn't cluttered, which can help to improve efficiency.


2. Your Budget


If you have a very limited budget then you're going to be restricted by what you can choose, so you'll need to make sure that your expectations are realistic. However, if you have a more generous office furniture budget, you can afford to hire an office desk that is of much higher quality.


A higher quality desk will ultimately last you much longer and will make more of a visual statement than a cheap basic office desk which may be less suited to sustaining wear and tear month after month.


3. Visual Style of the Desk


If you're a forward thinking company or work within the creative or tech industries, then presenting a slick, modern image will be important, whereas if your company is more traditional then you might want your office furniture to reflect this.


Dark wood desks are well suited to traditional businesses like accountants and auditors, whereas lighter wood and white desks may be better suited to younger, zestier companies. Whatever desks you choose, make sure they fit with the overall identify of your brand.


4. Desk Features


When you think about desks, features might not automatically spring to mind, but different types of desk offer various different features you may not have considered. For example a desk with cable access ports and cable management tidies makes for a much tidier looking desk, and ultimately a neater and tidier office. So if you are furnishing a large open plan office, ensuring your desks provide cable access points and cable management features makes a lot of sense.


Common office desk features;

  • Cable access ports
  • Cable management tidies
  • Adjustable legs
  • Folding table tops
  • Built in privacy panels

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5. Shape and Size of the Desk


The size of the office desks you choose is really important because if you choose something that's too small, employees may not be able to fit all the things that they need to work efficiently on their desk.


You'll need to factor in things like paperwork and files, note pads, a telephone, a couple of monitors, a keyboard, personal items like a potted plant or photo etc. Things like this all take up space on the average desk. Consider too whether your employees work is largely computer based or whether they will be generating or dealing with significant amounts of paperwork - the desk needs to be fit for purpose and large enough so it won't hinder an employees ability to carry out their job. 


On the flip side however, you'll find that if you choose desks that are too big, you might struggle to seat all of your employees in the office as they may end up taking up far too much space. However, clever configuration of your desks can help to lessen this problem.


Straight desks can be a great choice for most offices as they can be laid side by side and back to back in space-efficient configurations, however some offices might be better suited to corner desks which are a particularly good option for management and any employees that might require a large amount of space. Corner or L shaped desks also work particularly well in smaller offices with only a handful of employees or in private offices.


6. Desk Practicality


Glass desks can look really cool and slick, but take it from us, black glass desks attract dust like you wouldn't believe and it can be a real faff to keep them gleaming, a weekly visit from the cleaners won't cut it if you do decide to choose black glass desks!


Black and darker surfaces in general too are much less forgiving than lighter surfaces which don't tend to show up dust or crumbs quite as much, so practically speaking, lighter desks and desks made from wood tend to stay looking cleaner for longer than a dark desk with a glass or mirrored finish.


Long Term Office Desk Hire


From basic modern desks through to stunning executive desks, we provide long term office furniture hire. See our vast office desk range here. If you're interest in long term office furniture hire, take a look at our FAQs page to find out more.

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