Office Removals and Clearances

Removals, rubbish disposal and storage

At City Furniture Hire we encourage the recycling and re-homing of unwanted office furniture including desks, chairs, IT equipment and fixed shelving. Our office furniture clearance process is carefully planned and monitored by our skilled teams ensuring our clients experience the least amount of inconvenience. Our commitment to sustainability means we actively contribute to reducing landfill waste. 

Our sister company City New and Used Office Furniture has showrooms in Harlow, Chester and Hull are at the core of this provision and allows our clients the opportunity to minimise the environmental and financial impact of business relocation.



What type of items can you take away?

Just about anything. Any office furniture, IT equipment, safes, fixed shelving and wall boards. We can literally strip the office ‘back to the walls’ ready to hand back the building to the landlords or agents.

Is there a financial rebate for the furniture?

Yes sometimes. It depends on the age, condition, style and even colour of the furniture. We need to incorporate the overall cost of our team dismantling, removing, refurbishing and re-delivering the furniture to a new home. We will provide you with a total project price incorporating any recycling costs too for ‘end of life’ items.

Do you provide the transportation and labour to remove the items?

Yes absolutely. Our team will dismantle and collect the goods at a time to suit you. This can be outside of business hours if needed during evenings or weekends.

What happens to the furniture?

Reuse is always the preference over recycling, prolonging the life of furniture saves energy, waste and re-manufacturing costs. We therefore look to redeploy furniture through our showroom network where this is practically and financially viable. Where this is not possible certain types of items can be donated through our charitable network. Where furniture has reached its’ end of life status the items are separated into their component material parts and recycled at approved recycling centres.

Is there an audit trail of goods once recycled or donated?

Yes, we will provide an audit report which details what has been selected for redeployment though our showrooms, which items have been donated to charities and which were suitable only for environmental recycling. We will also provide a signed vicarious liability disclaimer for goods re-entering the reuse chain.


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