At City Furniture Hire we recognise it is our responsibility to carry out our activities in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

We strive to do this by following each of our 14 steps below:

  1. Comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

  2. Investigate the impact of the company's spending to identify environmental impacts.

  3. Encourage and persuade suppliers/customers to operate environmentally friendly

  4. Processes and supply environmentally friendly products.

  5. Educate our suppliers/customers on the City Furniture Hire sustainability objectives.

  6. Work with key suppliers/customers to bring about changes and thereby spread sustainability improvements throughout the supply chain.

  7. Encourage internal purchasers to review their consumption of goods and materials, in order to reduce usage and adopt more environmentally friendly products, including the use of recycled products as appropriate.

  8. Specify, wherever possible and reasonably practical, the use of environmentally friendly materials and products.

  9. Ensure that consideration is given to inclusion, within all specifications, of a facility for suppliers to submit offers for environmentally friendly alternatives.

  10. Ensure that appropriate consideration is given to the costs and benefits of environmentally friendly alternatives.

  11. Identify partners for environmental benchmarking and adopt best practice wherever possible.

  12. Explore opportunities for recycling of materials as appropriate.

  13. Minimise the generation of waste.

  14. To use renewable energy sources where possible and to use recycled paper and materials where possible.